Marrison Family Law specializes in providing world-class legal counsel on the many aspects of family law. The firm also believes that educating and informing people should be high on its list of priorities. A deeper understanding of the mechanics of family law is a pre-condition of abidance, especially in an age that has seen diverse circumstances for families the world over.

In this blog, Marrison Family Law addresses a topic it feels that everyone, especially eager future parents, should be aware of—adoption fraud.

Adoption fraud, or in some cases, wrongful adoption, constitutes an intentional misrepresentation of an individual during the process of adoption, with the goal of financial gain. Over the years, a large number of adoption agencies, birth mothers, facilitators, and even adoptive parents have been caught committing adoption fraud.

One of the most common occurrences involve legitimate adoptive parents accusing agencies of either withholding a child’s background information, or outright changing the details. Most of the time, guilty agencies do so to increase the chances of a child being adopted.

Another common scenario of adoption fraud is when birth moms promise their child to multiple potential adoptive parents in order to secure more than one “advanced fee,” that covers prenatal up to birthing costs.

What Marrison Family Law recommends, especially for adoptive parents, is to do their due diligence on agencies, and if the couple is dealing with a birth mom, to have everything documented. Potential adoptive couples should familiarize themselves with the many scams perpetrated by adoption agencies.

For over 25 years, Marrison Family Law has been offering legal services to people going through the difficult process of divorce. In any circumstance, the breakdown of marriage will never be easy, and it is there to help clients through the emotionally taxing process. For similar updates, visit this blog.

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