One objective of Colorado law is to keep both children and adults safe from further harm following the separation of the spouses. Family courts in the state acknowledge that domestic violence poses adverse effects on the divorcing couple and their children.

Colorado law aims to ensure that the children of a separating couple reside in homes free from domestic violence, child abuse, and neglect. Hitting isn’t the only action considered to be domestic violence. Any physical violence, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and economic abuse all constitute domestic violence. Emotional Abuse is a broad category. At Marrison Family Law we look to a number of factors, such as whether the behavior is designed to make the targeted party feel scared or diminished, or whether the target is embarrassed, intimidated, or threatened, that behavior may be emotional abuse.

Economic abuse may be displayed in a variety of situations. Generally, economic abuse takes place when one person controls the entire household finances and deprives the other party of reasonable living expenses. Attempts to deprive the other party of a retainer to secure an attorney is a frequently seen form of economic abuse. We also see economic abuse after divorces are completed. Where the only connection between former spouses is a duty to pay maintenance, child support or a sum for a property division, an obligated spouse will withhold these payments as a means to maintain connection with their former spouse.

Protection orders can be filed against an abuser, keeping a victim safe from further harm by restricting an abuser’s contact with the victim.

When deciding on parenting time and responsibilities, the Colorado family court considers whether a parent was domestically violent during the marriage However, this is one consideration, among many, that the Court uses to make its decision. Colorado law allows a parent to be granted parenting time and responsibilities even if that parent has been proven to have committed acts of domestic violence against their spouse or children

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