Marrison Family Law is home to some of the best divorce and family law attorneys in Colorado Springs. We have worked with couples and families from diverse backgrounds, as well as military families, untangling their legal issues for them so they can arrive at the best course of action. As your legal representative, you can rest assured our family lawyers always have your best interests in every step of the way. The moment you call on us to work on your case, we’ll waste no time and get to work protecting what matters to you most – family.

For over a quarter century, Marrison Family Law has seen to it that clients only receive top quality legal services. Whether the matter at hand concerns spousal maintenance or alimony, marital property division, or domestic violence, Marrison Family Law takes the time to listen to each client, hear out his/her concerns, understand the underlying legal problems and the legal solutions available to him/her, and work on the goals he/she wishes to achieve. With the client’s end goal or outcome in mind, Marrison Family Law is ready to defend your rights. We wish to make it known to our clients that they are never alone and that they can count on Marrison family lawyers for legal support during this difficult time.

Largest Law Firm Dedicated to Family Law in Colorado Springs

Marrison Family Law has the distinction of being the largest law firm devoted exclusively to family law in Colorado Springs. Not only does this mean we have a dependable and proven team of family lawyers ready to represent you in your case but we also have the network and resources to help you uncover the best legal remedies possible. Being the largest and most experienced law firm dedicated to family law practice, people who reside in the Colorado Springs area and throughout southern Colorado like Pueblo Canon City, Cripple Creek, Woodland Park, and Castle Rock have come to rely on us, notably for divorce, including military divorce.

Top 100 Attorneys by The National Trial Advocates

Marrison Family Law is also proud to be recognized by The National Advocates. 2016 Family law attorney and owner Pat Marrison was ranked among the Top 100 lawyers in America for 2014. According to The National Advocates website, “The National Advocates is an invitation-only professional organization composed of the Top 100 attorneys from each state who serve individuals and families needing attorneys to represent them in the American legal system. Members of The National Advocates exemplify superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence and performance in their area of specialty. This exclusive organization provides superior networking opportunities, continuing legal education and the highest quality advocacy training for lawyers across the nation.”

Truly, this award is a testament to the top quality legal services provided by the family lawyers at Marrison Family Law.

If you’re looking for the best family attorneys in Colorado Springs, contact our award-winning firm today. We offer free divorce consultations.