Marrison Family Law has the best family lawyers in Colorado Springs. For over a quarter century, residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas have turned to us with their family law issues, for a legal guidance, and representation. Family law attorney and owner Pat Marrison has been recognized as one of the Top 100 lawyers in America by The National Advocates in 2014, 2015 and 2016. If you need an experienced family lawyer, contact Marrison Family Law. Our practice areas include:

Divorce – Divorce concerns often revolve around two common issues: how to divide marital property, and if there are children, how they are going to be raised after the divorce. Marrison Family Law can help you make the best decision by outlining your options during this difficult time.


Military Divorce – Military families going through a divorce present a more complex subject matter as they are governed by both state and federal laws. Marrison Family Law can help you identify whether Colorado has jurisdiction over your case. We also have the technology to conduct online divorce if you’re on active-duty.

Spousal Support –  Marrison Family Law can either help you get the amount you deserve for spousal maintenance or arrive at a figure that is just and fair if you’re the spouse with a higher earning capacity.

Child Custody – Child custody battles can be long and painful, causing the most stress on the children. Marrison Family Law can help you resolve conflicts regarding legal child custody and visitation rights, while protecting your rights as a parent.

Adoption – Do you want to adopt a related child? Marrison Family Law can help with both kinship and stepparent adoption cases. We can walk you through the facts and other pertinent details about Colorado adoption laws.

Paternity – Do your circumstances call for a paternity test? If so, Marrison Family Law can file a petition for paternity on your behalf, helping you protect your rights as a parent. We provide legal advice on paternity cases in the state of Colorado.

Domestic Violence – Victims of domestic violence can feel helpless and hopeless. However, help is available – Marrison Family Law can assitin in obtaining a restraining order that will protect you and your children. We also have Colorado shelters and therapists in our network to help you recover.

Marital Property – Divorce proceedings can be drawn out by conflicts in the division of marital property. Reach a just and fair settlement with the family lawyers at Marrison Family Law. We work with accountants, personal property appraisers, and financial strategists to arrive at an equitable distribution.

Post Decree Issues – Did circumstances change and you’re looking to reopen negotiations with your ex-spouse? Whether for child support, spousal support or other disputes, Marrison Family Law can help you make changes to your divorce decree.

Contact Marrison Family Law today; we offer 100% confidential free divorce consultations.