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In child custody cases, the terms “visitation rights,” “legal custody” and “physical custody” are commonly mentioned to define the legal rights of each parent over their children. But in Colorado, these terms are no longer being used. For your reference, below are the terms that are now legally used in Colorado Family Law:

  • Physical Custody = Primary Residential Parental Responsibility
  • Legal Custody = Decision Making
  • Visitation or Visitation Rights = Parenting Time

Colorado lawyers specializing in family law, like our attorneys at Marrison Family Law, are guided by one principle: to come up with the best legal solution “for the best interests of the child.” While the main goal may often be to give each parent 50-50 OK. rights, there are situations where this isn’t the best solution. For example, a long distance parenting plan requires one parent to become the primary residential parent.


There are many other factors that will come into play when custodial rights are still being legally determined. Some of these factors include how much parenting time each parent wishes to have, the children’s wishes, and if they are ‘deemed’ mature enough to decide for themselves. Other factors considered include how the child would adjust to a change in residence and school, the mental and physical health of the parents, or if one parent has been found to have physically abused and/or neglected the children.

As you can see, custody of the children involves an intricate balance of various factors where eachs need to be thoroughly studied and analyzed to come up with a solution that is in the best interests of the kids. It is strongly advised that you seek legal consultation from an experienced lawyer specializing in family law in Colorado.

At Marrison Family Law, we make sure to provide the best legal assistance to our clients to help them come to an agreement about their parental and custody rights. We encourage you to get in touch with us at your soonest convenience so we can schedule an appointment to discuss your situation in detail.